Braces Safe Food

Soft food such as pasta, rice, soft bread, mashed potatoes, apple sauce, bananas, soft cooked chicken and seafood, meatballs, lunch meat, cooked vegetables, Jell-O, ice cream, chocolate, plus anything else you can think of that is soft and gentle for your braces!

Foods to avoid with braces

Sticky foods – laughy taffy, carmel, licorice

Crunchy foods – Hard granola bars, chips, popcorn, ice

Hard foods – hard candies, nuts, pita chips

Foods you bite into – apples , corn on the cob, carrots

Food/Drinks with aligners or retainers

During clear aligner treatment and when wearing clear retainers, it is important to remove your appliances while eating or drinking anything other than water. Drinking any other liquids may cause cavities or permanent staining on your teeth. Always remove trays, brush after eating, and replace the trays right away.