Terms to know

Bracket – metal or clear ceramic that is bonded /glued to the tooth.

Band – metal ring that hugs around the tooth

Wire – that runs through each bracket

Otie – Colored tie that holds the wire into each bracket

Separator – Blue round elastic (larger than an Otie, but small than a rubber  band) that is placed between the contact of two teeth to make space for a band.

Elastic or Rubber Bands – Larger clear colored rubber bands that are used to attach the hooks from the upper teeth to the lower teeth. These are used to shift teeth around and get the ideal bite in the back.

Short Lig Tie – small thin metal that fits around the brackets to hold the wire in place tightly.

Long Lig Tie – thin metal wire that figure eights around multiple brackets to hold a segment of teeth together.

Power Thread – white or grey thin stretchy thread used to tie around a bracket of a tooth and pull it out toward a wire.

Exposure Chain – gold linked chain that seems to disappear into the gums and is attached to a tooth stuck in the gums that cannot be seen.

Blue Glue – blue hard plastic material that is added to biting surface of the teeth to prop the mouth open to allow tooth movement.

Bite Turbo – White plastic or metal attached to the tongue side of the front two teeth to prop the mouth open to allow tooth movement.